Thursday, 8 October 2015

tariff of charges for Website optimization website building blogs and analytics

Tariff charges for website analytics optimisation design and Web site building 

Keywords: £2.50 per keyword, we Suggest and recommend at least 11 minimum of keywords 

We find the best keyword for your business to enhance your website and blogs for each page used or individual leaflets online through social media or the website page itself 

Example if you have a 5 page website you can choose how many pages to optimise effectively 

Benefits being hosted looked after by Simply SEO yrs of experience in marketing our own business mentoring others from employed positions to becoming sole traders to setting up their own  limited company 

To make a professional looking blog like Simply seo or the others we worked on already 

Blogger like this one charge £ 500.00 to create 

Brand new Website building £1000.00 for 2 pages a home page brief table of content, including art work images, your text and information and company data and connecting any social media platforms you wish to use. 

Extra pages to be made £100.00 per page include as much content on a page, think about target Audience, if pictures sell your brand or more information is crucial

Widgets £50.00 per item
Example: globe Tracker to see where your customers are coming from and which search engines and pages they landing from or hitting a straight key word Search. 
chat rooms
music to add appeal to a website or blog 

some additions like Adding other business or booking system must be quoted Separate as some do not work with some website companies 

Design and poster for print or marketing 
simple A5 ones that work online in Social media, great tool for visuals pictures prices and wording, which works well with keyword searches to drive Traffic back to the website 

Design work £20.00 per hour
we estimate Average 4 hours per design logo or from your text 

these will be provided back to you once completed in both j peg and PDF 
and we suggest you store in a safe external hard drive for safe keeping 

These can be used in blogs or for printing to market someone

We do email marketing to your customers we simply need the client list in EXCEL format and design to keep in contact with your clients, members subscribers.

£70.00 a month 
design work £20.00 per hour 
we suggest two to three hours per Campaign 

Hosting and domains 

we use companies like FAST HOST, one and one 

Price £25.00 a month to look after emails and company website 
we normally give 24 hours to rectify any websites damage to the hosting or email server.

Banners logos

Design work £20.00 per hour

We work with ‪#‎twitter‬ ‪#‎google‬ ‪#‎youtube‬ ‪#‎linkedin‬‪#‎pinterest‬ ‪#‎appnet‬ ‪#‎facebook‬ with outside marketing companies to access and place your words posters pictures or marketing material out effectively 

we ask you to open the accounts with a user name and password 

We recommend you open your own business Google + page in order not for google to pick your company and believe its part of our own group of companies.

once you are up and running we can access your social media, and link to our network providers and then you change your log in details 
(only provide log in, in case the marketing companies lose the log in example drops out)
keeps your data safe and private and a ethical code of practice 

we use websites like 

and others you may suggest or like the look of 

any large project many need a meeting at medispa to discuss your requirements for new start up for business
and if you need mentoring with clare 
£50.00 per hour to get any sole trader into a limited company status to assist you